Arnott’s Consulting

 Status: (Past) Semester one, 2010

Shortage of funding for non-profit organisations in New Zealand.

To find a sustainable fundraising method for Arnott’s to raise money for Cure Kids charity.

Project Description
Arnott’s New Zealand Limited approached SIFE AUT to come up with a method that would help them to reach their annual fundraising target; without staff feeling obligated to dip their hands in their pockets. Inspired by the story of the one red paper clip, Arnott’s Consulting came up with the Tim Tam Trade Up. Arnott’s staff and SIFE AUT class members were given four weeks in which they were required to make consecutive trades with the initial item being a packet of Tim Tam biscuits. Each time they traded; the  aim was to be receiving something of a higher value. The final goods and services they ended with were all placed on online auction site Trade Me with funds made directly to Cure Kids.

The team also created blueprints for two fundraising events for Arnott’s to implement.

From the collected goods and services, a total of $3508.50 was donated to Cure Kids as a result. Comprehensive documents were handed over to Arnott’s in order for them to successfully implement the Tim Tam Trade Up campaign themselves. As a result of SIFE AUT’s efforts; Arnott’s was able to contribute a greater fundraising total to Cure Kids charity; helping the 20,000 children in New Zealand living with life-threatening illnesses become closer to a cure.

The  Project Leader  was provided with the opportunity to work for Arnott’s during her Cooperative Education  placement where she implemented one of the events the team had come up with; raising an additional $7000 for Cure Kids.  Because of her success with Arnott’s,  the Project Leader was also offered two employment opportunities from relationships she formed during her placement.

As a result of the success SIFE Consulting had with Arnott’s; more projects are currently being carried out with SIFE AUT (see Arnott’s Pink).