Come join Enactus AUT as a volunteer and help out in one of our many projects!

At Enactus AUT we are looking for passionate individuals who have the courage to take a stand and make change happen now. We want you to help us generate new ideas and bring your energy and creative thinking into our projects.

No matter what faculty you’re from or what level you are studying, you can get involved with Enactus AUT as a volunteer. We are always looking for energetic students with expertise from all around the campus to come help out!

So we put the challenge to you to dream, innovate and become leaders for change.

How can you join?

If you want to add more value to your university experience, give back to the community and add value to your CV, then you may join Enactus AUT as a volunteer.

Upon expressing your interest in the organisation you will undergo a screening and interview process. This helps us ensure all our members are passionate and willing to contribute 110% to group projects.

Contact us on enactus@aut.ac.nz to begin your journey with Enactus AUT.

Opportunities through Enactus
  • Join Enactus’s global network of 1500 university institutions across 39 countries
  • Network with industry leaders
  • Develop self-confidence, leadership and communication skills
  • Get local work experience
  • Create real measurable outcomes in your community
  • Represent Enactus AUT as a presenter at the National Competition