Green Factor

Status: (Past), Semester one & two, 2010

Environmental sustainability is an important issue in our country. More New Zealanders need to learn how to live smarter in order to minimise our impact on the environment to protect and conserve New Zealand’s natural resources for future generations.

SIFE AUT sought to improve the awareness of environmental sustainability in our community.

Project Description
SIFE AUT ran interactive seminars targeted at current students, lecturers, government representatives and business people. The seminars were focused on helping others become aware of, and understand how they can make environmentally sustainable decisions.


  • From feedback received, 75 % of our audience have acquired a wider knowledge and understanding of environmental sustainability
  • 24 % have improved their carbon footprint
  • 21% are consuming food products from sustainable farmers market.

One true success story comes from a student attendee who, after hearing Karl Michewski – the environmental sustainability manager from Gull NZ – speak about how he and his team all travel by public transport, was inspired to sell his car and utilise public transport.

Sponsorship of the event’s main sponsor, CPA has continued between and our seven speakers returned for the next Green Factor event.