Status: (Past), Established 2004

In 2009, New Zealand had the second-worst high school graduation rate in the developed world with 26.9% of New Zealanders between the ages of 15 and 19 not in school. So over a quarter of our youth population are leaving school with little to no formal qualifications. As a result, a large portion of this segment have been unable to maintain a job or begin the career they once desired.

In 2004, SIFE AUT started the Networx project to help high school students realise the importance of having a good education and inspire them to continue on with their education in pursuit of better lifestyle options.

Project Description
SIFE AUT held educational workshops that were designed to help students learn in a fun and interactive way about the basics of business. The students were also introduced to fundamental personal skills such as budgeting, goal setting and CV writing. The workshops were held at AUT’s Business School to give the students an insight into what life could be like if they were to pursue further education.

The Networx team worked with 14-15 year old students from schools throughout Auckland who, at the time, were involved in Project K and had been found to have great potential but at the same time, experienced low levels of self-efficacy. The pre and post test results showed that by the end of our workshops, the students’ knowledge in the areas of finance, marketing, business and entrepreneurship increased substantially.

After six years of providing an excellent service, SIFE AUT since handed this project over to Foundation for Youth Development – Project K’s parent organisation – so that it may be rolled out across the country, impacting the lives of more young New Zealanders.