Business Advisory Board

All Enactus Teams employ the use of a Business Advisory Board (BAB) who are committed to using their expertise, time and resources to help a new generation of young leaders understand the promise of business to create meaningful and lasting change.

In 2011 we developed a strong BAB consisting of New Zealand’s leading business professionals, academic mentors, and former members of Enactus AUT. The BAB advises Enactus AUT from a professional and experienced perspective to ensure the ongoing success of our projects.

Current BAB Members:

  • Aki Von Roy – Owner, RvR Associates
  • Clementine Ludlow – Community Specialist, Bank of New Zealand (BNZ)
  • Frank Olsson – Country Manager, Finsia
  • Ian Robertshaw – Commercial Manager, Auckland Transport
  • Lisa Er – Founder, Lisa’s Hummus & The Awareness Party
  • Sarah Trotman – Director of Business Relations, AUT Faculty of Business
  • Scott Wallace – Managing Director, DDB
  • Warwick Mitchel – National Sales and Marketing Manager, Post Haste

Honorary Members:

  • Roger Stokell – Associate Dean of International Business, AUT University/Faculty of Business