Enactus AUT (formerly known as SIFE AUT) was first established in 2002 with a small team, but unfortunately at this time the organisation did not take off. However, four keen and motivated students who wanted to change the world re-launched SIFE AUT in March 2004.

In the first four months we implemented our first project, NETWORX, successfully. The question from there was the sustainability of our emerging organisation.

We quickly grew into a much larger, thriving organisation of today with approximately 50 students, implementing more projects as a result. Ensctus AUT has also gone on to win at the Enactus New Zealand national competition five times.

The key concepts that Enactus AUT has adopted for future sustainability:

  • Increasing member numbers to reach goals and implement more projects,
  • Making use of a Business Advisory Board of business professionals,
  • Building relationships and Enactus AUT profile within AUT faculty and heads,
  • Gaining sponsors to support Enactus AUT projects.

The continued strengthening of our organisation’s direction sees volunteer numbers increasing. The past and present Executive Teams have put into place many processes and templates to improve the operations of Enactus AUT. These include processes that can be used again and improved if necessary to gain better results and conduct business more efficiently.

We also look towards the Enactus New Zealand National Competition each year, where Enactus AUT will compete against the other Enactus teams throughout New Zealand.

In 2004, we placed first runner-up which was a fantastic result for a rookie team. Since then we have either won or come first-runner up at the Enactus New Zealand National Competition. Winning the Enactus New Zealand title and the chance to represent our country at the Enactus World Cup is always an amazing experience for the team; a goal we aim to achieve each year!