Message from the President – Enactus A New Chapter

October 2012

October has started off as a busy month with many changes happening within our organisation both nationally and internationally. After 40 years, our parent body has taken a leap of faith and made the decision to rebrand. SIFE is now a name of the past and we have all ventured together into a bold new era with our new name ‘enactus’. We are still identified as a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world.

Please find more information on the brand change here:

Launch Video

SIFE Changes Name to Highlight a Deep Commitment to Entrepreneurial Action |Enactus

For us at Enactus AUT this name change presents a great opportunity to build our awareness and embrace new strategies that would increase our impact in the community. The executive team has already begun to strategise and plan in our commitment to continuously grow and expand our organisation. In the next few months you will find a change in everything from our email addresses to social media like Facebook and Twitter (Enactus AUT) pages. We will keep you updated as these changes happen.

As we venture into this new chapter, we welcome you to share with us any thoughts and ideas that you have. The rebrand is a big change for everyone who has grown to know and love our brand. However, rest assured that this change will not hinder us from creating a difference in our community; but instead provide us with a great means to change, grow and just keep doing more.

Afra Abdeen



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