Fairtrade Future

: Launched Semester one, 2011

Educate various interests groups in and around the university about fairtrade.

To make Auckland University of Technology (AUT) a fair trade University.

Project Description
The fundamental focus of this project was to promote the Fairtrade organisation, strengthen the brand and add value to all consumers. The core message that needed to be sent across is the topic of fair and ethical trading and how fairtrade ensures the producers of certain products get paid fairly to help develop third world countries. Fairtrade Future’s aim is to be a part of already participating Universities and businesses and make AUT a fair trade certified University, thus strengthening the Fairtrade brand and its label in New Zealand.

The project objectives for Semester 2, 2011 were changing to Fairtrade coffee blends on campus and the promotion of Fairtrade products. Fairtrade can help to improve the living condition for both farmers and workers in developing countries. The project team aims to promote the Fairtrade organization, strengthen the brand awareness and its added value for consumers. SIFE AUT project team in Semester 2 2011 created a business proposal for the AUT council in order to initiate change Fairtrade blends, practices and become a Fairtrade University.

Through various events the team has been able to create a general awareness about the Fairtrade labelling system. The team has formed a steering group (at the moment includes students and lecturers) to promote the fairtrade campaign. We have contacted the University Operations Manager, expressing our interest for the availability of various fairtrade products in cafe’s around campus. The team has gained support from various fairtrade organisations such as All Good Bananas, Trade Aid and Whittaker’s.

The team is in the process of contacting the University Council to pass a resolution supporting Fairtrade. Also the team is involved with other faculties to promote Fairtrade among other faculties within the university in order to gain university wide support

The project client: Fairtrade New Zealand has provided Fairtrade Future with the following feedback: “I just wanted to congratulate you and the rest of the group on your efforts during Fairtrade Fortnight; you were very original and creative. You have done a great job and hopefully you have enjoyed it.”

Fairtrade Future will continue with their goal to make AUT a Fairtrade University.


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