Ancillary Activities

The Student Big Sleepout!

On the 23rd-24th August, 2012, AUT students braved the cold and the rain, sleeping on the pavement to raise awareness of the issue of youth homelessness in the Student Big Sleepout. Equipped with nothing but the clothes on our backs, some cardboard, and a sleeping bag, we braved the elements and raised funds for Lifewise, an organisation that works to bring an end to homelessness. The night was absolutely surreal and eye-opening. That morning, we could not believe it had actually happened, except our sore backs, haggard appearances, and how sluggish we felt were constant reminders. It is much tougher to sleep on the streets than we had ever imagined, and we are proud to be involved with Lifewise in making a difference in the lives of people across New Zealand.

The Lifewise Big Sleepout (last held on 28th June 2012) is a night where influential New Zealanders forgo their creature comforts for a night of ‘rough sleeping’ as a way of making a public stand against homelessness. We decided to get on board with other students from AUT University and take up the challenge to raise funds to tackle the issue of youth homelessness as part of the Student Big Sleepout.

Find out more about the Lifewise Trust at

View a press release of our efforts here.

Live Below The Line
Poverty is no strange topic to any one of us. We all make choices to try and make a difference
in the lives of individuals living in extreme poverty. From the 22nd to the 26th of August 2011, 18 SIFE students from across New Zealand made a choice – to Live Below the Line, surviving on just $2.25 worth of food and drink each day.

Ten of these passionate and committed students came from SIFE AUT. These students were inspired by individuals that go the distance to make a difference in the lives of those that do not have the resources to help themselves.

The team raised over $3000 for the Global Poverty Project and were ranked as the 3rd highest fundraising team in New Zealand. For a small group of students this is quite an accomplishment! With the target set originally set at $2,000, the team exceeded expectations and are grateful to all those who showed their support for the movement to eradicate extreme poverty!

To make a donation and find out more visit SIFE NZ fundraising page.

NZ Blood
New Zealand Blood Service is the national body organisation for blood transfusions from volunteer donors to blood products. SIFE AUT annually promotes NZBlood at their market days where they aimed to:

  • Help increase the awareness and interest of the Facebook page through campaigns such as peg-a-pal
  • Inform and encourage students to become a donor at the AUT Blood drive
  • Provide general information about donating blood and NZBS’ services.

AUT Leaders Summit
SIFE AUT was a key party involved in the organisation of the Prefects Training Programme (PTP) Leaders Summit in 2010.

Business and Awards Functions
SIFE AUT students are consistently chosen to represent AUT students at business and award functions held within and outside of the University.

De Paul  House
The De Paul house is a temporary community for families that are homeless; providing housing and support services. Each year SIFE AUT members donate chocolate eggs for Easter.


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