Semester 2 2011

Andy Ballard
Faculty Advisor
Why I LOVE SIFE – I get to work with amazing, enthusiastic students who really make a difference  to themselves and the lives of others.
Random Fact
– I have committed to run the 70km Hillary Trail on November 26th 2011 to raise money for Christchurch Earthquake Relief.

Rachel Cleary
SIFE President
Why I LOVE SIFE – The growth that you see in the individuals that you work with due to the supportive nature of this organisation. Also the fact that you really do get to instigate change in a community.
Random Fact – My balance is truly better in heels than in flats.

Akbar Humayun
SIFE Vice President
Why I LOVE SIFE – I’ve received so many opportunities to empower communities and businesses and cultivate leadership and networking skills, among other things. Joining SIFE is one of the best decisions I’ve made.
Random Fact – I know all my Facebook friends’ (1600+) last names!

Claire Taylor
Why I LOVE SIFE – SIFE provides fantastic holistic business experiences and opportunities to all  students involved.
Random Fact – I often name inanimate objects, such as my car called Milly and winter coat called Mavis.


Dita Sehkar
Tertiary Marketing Manager
Why I LOVE SIFE– SIFE has allowed me to enhance my learning by working on real projects and at the same time, make a meaningful impact in my community; and it’s a privilege to work alongside talented, like-minded individuals.
Random Fact – I am highly allergic to kiwifruit!


Kelvin Clarke
Corporate Marketing Manager
Why I LOVE SIFE – Having the opportunity to experience the business world full on even before I have left University is one of the things I love, as well as the fact you get to help those in need even with the little things.
Random Fact – Used to race at Western Springs Speedway.

Barrett Owen
Events Manager
Why I LOVE SIFE – SIFE offers me the chance to actually put my knowledge to use in projects that help the world around me. Through SIFE, I can make a difference and in the end that is what I really want out of University.
Random Fact – I am a half-American, half-Australian, living in New Zealand 🙂

Dipal Modhwadia
Financial Controller
Why I LOVE SIFE – Being part of SIFE is being involved in creating more sustainable communities! Along the way, I’ve met amazing people and gained new skills. SIFE opens up a lifetime of opportunities for everyone involved.
Random Fact – I don’t eat rice!!!