Auckland Adventures

Status: (Past), Semester two, 2010

Auckland Adventures wanted a strategy that will allow them to grow their customer base.

Project Description:
Auckland Adventures is an adventure tourism company that offers group tours and trips to major sites and cities around the North Island. The company primarily targets international students who are looking to experience the adventurous and natural parts of the country; although their services are also open to other tourists and locals.

In order to help this growing business gain more exposure amongst its primary target audience and the mass market, SIFE AUT created several key deliverables for Auckland Adventures to use as part of their marketing campaign:

  • A company website- in line with the company’s aim to develop an online presence that will allow them to communicate with customers
  • Posters – five different posters were created, each promoting a different tour or trip the company runs
  • A company logo – SIFE AUT developed a logo that represented the culture, values and the essence of the company
  • A company booklet – containing detailed information about the trips that Auckland Adventures offers and the places they visit on their trips

Auckland Adventures received a revamped brand image with a new logo and website. It was reported that the company had a very busy summer following the work that SIFE AUT did for them. One of the team members who worked on this project used the experience he gained to acquire a marketing-based job over the summer and is now employed in a marketing research role for an internet service provider, which he managed to gain because of the experience he gained while working on this project. All team members have also reported that they now have a good understanding of website development, which is a key skill to have in any industry.

The logo and website that SIFE AUT developed can be used indefinitely by Auckland Adventures. SIFE AUT also developed a database that has been handed over to the company for them to use if they wish. The database that was created will allow Auckland Adventures to  track how how effective their logo and web pages are in reaching customers. They also handed over guides on how to utilise tools such as Google Analytics to further examine the effectiveness of their website and ensure that their content remains relevant.