Arnott’s Eco-Finance

Status: (Complete) Semester 2 2011


This project is a follow on from the Arnott’s Processes project of Semester 1, 2011.


To turn Arnott’s New Zealand’s invoicing system into an automated, paperless process through the use of a 3rd party software supplier.

Project Overview

Working alongside Arnott’s New Zealand and having regular contact with the Australian Arnott’s team who is also implementing a similar system enabled SIFE AUT to utilise their ideas also in finding the solution that is best suited to the New Zealand branch.

The SIFE student’s business analysis, accounting, information systems skills were all vital in the success of this project. SIFE AUT provided the Arnott’s finance team with a detailed report on the feasibility of the current system, researching potential software suppliers and mapping processes for implementation. By also providing action plans, the aim is to increase efficiency, lower resource use and help overall business processes within the finance team.

We look forward to hearing the impacts of the new system once it is launched.


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