Status: (Current), Established 2009


Ooooby (Out of our own backyard) is an organisation devoted to supplying the community with locally-grown fresh fruit and vegetables in order to provide healthy and sustainable living for our community. They demonstrate these values with their product the Ooooby Box, a box of locally-grown fresh fruit and vegetables which is delivered directly to their customers’ doors.

Ooooby has adopted a new social business structure in which no profits are distributed to the owners. Instead, it all goes back into the organisation to help with their mission of providing healthy and sustainable living for the community.

Insufficient income to maintain sustainable levels as a social business.

To create a sustainable marketing plan that would help promote the Ooooby box and facilitate income-generation. The Ooooby box and the Ooooby brand need to increase their exposure in the wider community to enable Ooooby to increase its customer base and grow as a business.

Project Description
Ooooby approached SIFE AUT in Semester 1 2011 to come up with a zero-budget marketing plan in order to promote the Ooooby box and increase the current customer base. Market research was carried out as a means of achieving this. SIFE AUT designed and implemented two surveys- one targeted at existing customers to find out how the Ooooby box can be improved; and the other targeted at the members of all of the Ooooby social networks  to identify the most effective and efficient way of converting them into customers. Based on the feedback obtained through the surveys, the team put together the marketing plan addressing short-term and long-term marketing initiatives for Ooooby. The marketing plan also included the proposition of a program aimed at involving primary school children in the Ooooby philosophy and equipping them with the skills and knowledge to grow their own fruit and vegetables. SIFE AUT provided Ooooby with a comprehensive marketing plan that could be implemented by the team themselves.

The Semester 2, 2011 SIFE AUT project objective is to increase this exposure to a new audience through the introduction of Ooooby box customer testimonials and better utilisation of the YouTube channel or ‘Oooob Tube’. A maintenance guide was also created so that Ooooby will be able to maintain the online content after the project handover.

As a result of SIFE AUT’s efforts, Ooooby was able to increase their customer base and get closer to reaching profitable levels as a business. Because it operates as a social business, SIFE AUT’s efforts also ensured that Ooooby was able to invest back into the community from which it gained its profits. This project further ensured increased awareness of the Ooooby philosophy and also greater spread of it through the inclusion of younger generations into Ooooby’s endeavours.

By working in collaboration with the Ooooby team, SIFE AUT has ensured enhancement of the marketing knowledge of the team. This has ensured that the marketing plan is used as a guide to implementing marketing activities in the future. Through market research, SIFE AUT has ensured that Ooooby can retain customers by taking on customer feedback and improving their services. Furthermore, the proposition of an Ooooby schools program has ensured that the Ooooby philosophy is shared with younger generations that can carry it through into the future.