Arnott’s Processes

Status:  Semester one, 2011

Few businesses have systematic documentation of critical processes.

To help Arnott’s New Zealand identify critical organisation processes in order to grasp which processes needed development to enhance the overall performance currently and for long-term sustainability.

Project Description
Arnott’s New Zealand approached SIFE AUT in semester one, 2011. The project involved the collaboration of six SIFE students who analysed the project scope and used business and research practices to plan a questionnaire and conduct one hour interviews with 43 employees across all departments of the organisation. Identification of Arnott’s processes meant analysing large amounts of collected information and establishing a rating matrix based on four key areas of focus: employee understanding, staff adoption, level of efficiency and level of criticality (for each process recorded). As this project was merely an identification project, the findings were then presented to Arnott’s leadership team along with a set of future recommendations suggested by the students involved.

By means of applying business and research concepts such as conducting employee interviews to seek information, research into the organisation’s structure and function areas the SIFE Arnott’s Processes team have empowered Arnott’s with the information and tools necessary to gain a higher level of productivity and efficiency within its organisation. By grasping better insights into their business processes, the Arnott’s employees will be better equipped to improve their working environment contributing to an improvement to their standard of living. The project has been beneficial to not only the client but also the students by way of learning about internal processes, interviewing managers and analysing business practices. The project and exposure to the working of the organisation has had phenomenal impacts in developing the students understanding of how the organisation works and how each department’s functioning is integral to the business.

The results of the project was a clear cut presentation of business processes within the Arnott’s organisation that needed attention and the putting forth of a next step solution towards improving the efficiency and effectiveness of those processes in question. This also brings into the spotlight the continuity of this project and the growing relationship between SIFE AUT and Arnott’s New Zealand.

The completion of this project will set the foundation of the next project which is to improve the identified processes that require attention. The information gathered and presented will enable the leadership team at Arnott’s New Zealand to identify the next step towards improving their processes and help business consulting amongst SIFE AUT continue, develop and grow into something bigger for students to involve and associate themselves with.


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